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Child Care Covid Policies

Daycare Covid Protocols
Overview:In this uncertain time, parents can find some comfort in knowing their child will be safe in the care of KPort Rec’s staff. Please review this document to determine whether care following these protocols is a good fit for your family.

Who: In an effort to minimize the chance of exposure to Covid-19 from outside sources, we will only be accepting children from the RSU21 School District who can satisfactorily answer the screening questions. If your child comes from a high-risk household, please consider not registering for full-day or after school care. Consolidated School

Where: Kennebunkport Recreation Building and Consolidated School Gym. Under the CDC’s recommendation, we will spend as much time outdoors as possible. In the event of inclement weather, we will operate indoors keeping socially distant and using masks. In this circumstance we will also make sure windows are open and/or the building is properly ventilated.

Personal Belongings: All personal items must be labeled with owner’s name.

Staffing: Your child will only be exposed to our two full-time staff members and three part-time employees.

Check-in/Out: On full-days drop off will be at 8:00am at your child’s designated location. At the time of drop off please stay in the car with your child while we check the child’s temperature and ask several screening questions. If he/she is displaying signs of a fever you will be asked to keep your child home until a period of 72 hours after which symptoms have ceased, per CDC guidelines. Children will only be permitted to return with a doctor’s note.
Pick up will be at 5:00pm at the same location. Please adhere to these times to the best of your ability and remain in your car while picking up your child.
On after school days, your child will be dismissed by the school to our care. It is imperative you make sure to let the school know that your child is attending after school with us. Pickup will be at 5:00pm.
Sanitation: Children will be asked to wash/sanitize their hands once being dropped off at daycare. They will also be asked to do the same before and after snack, when sneezing or coughing, or when coming in physical contact with another child or staff person. Any shared items (paint brush for example) will be sanitized before next use by another child. Periodically through the day, our staff will sanitize the program space with a fogger that disperses cleaning chemicals on all surfaces.

Masks: Please pack a CLEAN mask for your child before each drop-off. Please talk to your child at home explaining the importance of using a mask and remaining physically distant.

Activities:Our rec staff has been researching different activities we can organize while practicing physical distancing. Any activity that requires close contact will be strictly prohibited.

Illness: Children and staff who show ANY signs of sickness are asked to stay home for the CDC recommended time of 72 hours after symptoms cease. Please take this seriously and practice caution, which is a necessity if we expect daycare to run. Children should be evaluated by a medical provider, and prior to returning, obtain a physician’s note saying they are safe to return.

Shutting Down: If a case of Covid-19 is confirmed in our space, we may have to take the CDC’s recommended time to deep clean and sanitize. Any person exposed to another who tested positive for Covid-19 will need to quarantine for 14 days. Please note, that we also reserve the right to end care prematurely if we feel at any point it is unsafe to continue.

Cost:The cost of 3 days of full care and 2 days of afterschool will be $600 per month (4 week block). Students attending Consolidated School will be prioritized.

Payment: Upon singing up, parents will need to make a 50% deposit, and make final payment before the 15th of the month